Inspire! Instruct! Understand! Live!

3 sizes of which 2 are made of durable vinyl and measure

 17' x 5'

10' x 3'


~  Incredible detail

~  Move it from one location to another

        ~  Durable vinyl - will not crease

~  Easy to hang:  On a wall, on a stage backdrop

Inside, Outside

~  Display in your gym, classroom, lunchroom, office...

~  Invaluable resource

~  Will last for years and years



 $ 845.00**  -  17' x 5'

$ 417.00**  -  10' x 3'


The Student Study Size comes 2 ways; thick tear resistant paper and laminated and measures

83" x 8.5"

$ 37.95** Each for Thick Tear-Resistant version

$ 47.50** Each for Laminated version


~ NEW ~


Doctors of The Church poster

29"wide  x 30"high

$ 50.00**

(picture coming soon)


~  Liturgical Timeline of Saints and Feasts - 7'2" x 2'11"

$ 117.00**


This Banner Can Be Customized*


Want to include pictures of your school, church, or patron Saint?

We Can Do That!


Want to include events or saints that aren't on the timeline?

We Can Do That!


Don't have a wall that is 17' x 5'?

The Timeline Can Be Customized To Fit Your Wall!


Purchase Instructions

We are currently using an online invoice payment system which works as follows:

  1. You decide on product you wish to purchase
  2. You email Dan with any customizations you wish to have completed - at an agreed upon price add-on.
  3. Your product quote will be relayed to you for your acceptance.
  4. Upon acceptance we will email invoice you.  Payment can be made online through this invoice.
  5. Upon reception of funds we will process your order and get it shipped to you immediately.

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 Let me know that you wish to purchase one of the timelines and I will get back with you as soon as possible so that you get this great and useful product promptly.


* With Certain Limitations - Email us with your ideas and for further clarification.

**  Add shipping (this will be calculated depending on your home base location)